Sacal Alberto Bazbaz

Alberto Bazbaz Sacal, 37, graduated from the Anahuac University School of Law in 1996. After graduation, he began his legal career at Moreno y Bazbaz, a law firm that focused on private litigation. He knew that private litigation was not his cup of legal tea, but he developed important relationships with two prominent members of the Development Council of the Anahuac University School of Law during that time. His relationship with David Korenfeld Federman and Fernando Maldonado helped Alberto hone his legal skills.
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Alberto Bazbaz Sacal

Alberto Bazbaz Sacal is a former university professor who has held various public positions in the Mexican government. Currently, Alberto is a specialist in financial intelligence and former president of GALIFAT.
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Sacal Jacobo Bazbaz

Jacobo Bazbaz Sacal is the Director of Interprotecciones, leading insurance company in Mexico. Jacobo Bazbaz Sacal currently resides in Mexico City and is helping guide the 40 year old insurance veteran Interprotecciones as the cyber insurance continues to grow. In fact today, cyber insurance is the fastest growing insurance market for small and medium-sized businesses and insurers want to keep up the momentum.

Jacobo Bazbaz Sacal

Jacobo Bazbaz Bazbaz, director of Interprotecciones, a leading insurance company in Mexico
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